If you haven't been here before then you might not know how it works or how to customise. 

We make handmade custom mugs which are made to order to help give you as many options as possible to design and create your dream mug. We have different sizes available from espresso, flat white, standard, latte and large. Each mug is customisable with our selection of different gems and handles to really bring your personality through your mug. You can personalise your mug with different quotes, affirmations, prayers, jokes, anything that means something to you. You can place your text in 3 different areas, the inside rim, inside bottom and outside rim. 

We now offer a Custom Gem option to allow customers to add something really personal such as a pet, a symbol or memory. We offer the Custom Gem for the inside bottom of the mug. Please feel free to contact us to discuss if you want them as gems on the outside as we can review this design. Please email us an image and provide as much information as possible as we are making with the information provided in that order. 

naetive mugs are made for you, to celebrate those special moments in life and to  wake up with something that reminds you just how special you are. 









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