customise your naetive mug with a selection of Gems, Text and make it even more personal with a Custom 3D Gem.


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3 - 8 week estimate processing time

White Stoneware Ceramic with Clear Glass Glaze

Mugs with no added metals are dishwasher and microwave Safe

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Here you can chose what text you want an where you want it placed, choose Yes if you
want to add text to your mug, this will provide you with options and placements.


Mug Gems are our standard 2D gems that are added to the outside of the mug with one
on the inside bottom. Gems are come in bundles of 6 and spread around the mug. You
can choose multiple gems, these will be shared between the 6.

Custom Gem

An option to add a bespoke 3D gem to the inside of your mug. We need as much information
as possible to make your Custom Gem as we are not responsible to chase for more
information such as colour preference or designs. You are allowing us the
creative freedom to make your gem to the best of our ability with the
information provided. Please forward an image for reference if using the Custom

Zodiac Symbol.

Zodiac symbols are added to the inside bottom of the mug, if you have chosen to a
custom gem and zodiac symbol we may move your 3D gem to another suitable area
on the mug.

Customising the handle.

Our original handle is a plain round handle placed on the right hand side of the mug.
Our twist handle is two plain round handles twisted around to create a delicate
design. Please choose the left hand option if you want a left handed mug. You
can choose to decorate your handle with a bow and various colour options.

Adding Iridescent.

Iridescent is a shiny mother of pearl finish that will be added to the entire mug, we will
leave the gems and bow unless requested to add the iridescent to those locations.

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